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Parent Help - T&C Scheduling

If you cannot find your team or schedules, please make sure you have selected the correct league. The 2nd menu option selects the current league and should read something like "T&C Soccer/Spring 2013", otherwise you will be viewing schedules for another league.

Finding your Team

The easiest way to find your child's team (or any other) is by seaching in the text box on the entry page for your team name or coach's last name. Just click on the team link once you find the right one.

Alternatively, you can browse through the league pages under Schedules, which shows all teams registered through T&C for the season. Again, clicking on any team name takes you to that team's page.

Team Page

Each of your child's teams has a team page which lists their schedule along with other information that their coach wishes to share through the site. The URL (website page) for each team will not change throughout the season, so you can bookmark your team's page to quickly find it during the season.


The menus in the black stripe across your browser allow you to access additional information such as a Field Map, the Master Schedule, or the Volunteer Schedule.