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Team Information for U11B Argentina (Cardwell)

Game Schedule:

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Saturday09/08/201811:30 am
T&C 20E
U11B Argentina (Cardwell)T&C LightningRainout Game
Monday10/01/20186:30 pmT&C U11B Argentina (Cardwell)TC LightningHome Game
Saturday10/06/201810:00 am
T&C 20E
U11B Argentina (Cardwell)WBSA THE HURRICANES 08BHome Game
Saturday10/13/20188:30 am
T&C 20E
U11B Argentina (Cardwell)Leander YSA 2008 BOYS (WOLLNEY)Home Game
Saturday10/27/201811:30 am
T&C 20E
U11B Argentina (Cardwell)CENTEX STORM SC CENTEX G. KELLEYHome Game
Saturday03/09/20198:30 am
T&C 22E
U11B Argentina (Cardwell)PAYSL CosmosHome Game
Sunday03/10/20191:00 pm
T&C 25W
U11B Argentina (Cardwell)Austin TexansHome Game
Saturday03/30/201910:30 amPavilionTeam Pictures
Saturday03/30/201911:30 am
T&C 22W
U11B Argentina (Cardwell)Lee County UnitedHome Game
Sunday03/31/20192:40 pm PAYSL Cosmos - Field #6U11B Argentina (Cardwell)Away Game
Saturday04/06/201910:00 am Austin Texans - Field #9U11B Argentina (Cardwell)Away Game
Sunday04/07/20192:00 pm Centex Storm G. Kelley - Unknown Field #U11B Argentina (Cardwell)Away Game
Sunday04/14/20191:00 pm
T&C 22E
U11B Argentina (Cardwell)Austin TexansHome Game
Saturday04/20/201912:00 pmSimmang Park Lee County UnitedU11B Argentina (Cardwell)Away Game
Saturday04/27/201910:00 am
T&C 25E
U11B Argentina (Cardwell)Centex Storm Athletico MadridHome Game
Saturday05/04/20191:00 pm
T&C 22E
U11B Argentina (Cardwell)Centex StormRainout Game

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